Tuesday, January 15, 2013

100th DAY!!!

Yay!  We are getting soooo close!  Only ONE more day till the big party!  Really this has to be my favorite day of the school year in Kindergarten!  It's so funny how they think school is over after the 100th day!  They don't realize we have to keep going. It is so fun we make a whole week of doing 100 activities!  Tomorrow during reading buddies we are going to make our count by 10's caterpillars.  So fun!  I created a TPT packet of my favorite things to do during the 100th day week. Click here to get my 100 day of fun!
Here is a little count by 10's puzzle.  I made it in color and black and white!  I just cut it up and mixed it up. The kids have to put it back together and glue it on another piece of paper.  I thought instead of me cutting it up I should have had them cut each others. 

This activity has the students build their own 100 chart.  The students cut the strips across the page so that there are 10 strips. Then they put them in order on a blank 100 chart.  It is best to copy this on colored paper so that you can really see the difference when putting them the 100 chart.
This is a fun math game to play in partners.  Students just pick a number and color that number with their dry erase marker.  First person to get 3 in a row is the winner. 

Of course, I have some writing prompts in my packet.  It is fun to see what kids would buy with 100 dollars, what they would eat 100 of and how they would look when they are 100.  So fun!  I also have a couple pages where they have 100 seconds to see how many letters, numbers, words they can write. 
You have to have a necklace to wear on the 100th day.  We also are making 100 day crowns!  We will be ready for the party. 
And now here are
 My 5 favorite 100 day activities:
 1. Hershey kisses hunt
I write the numbers 1-100 on Hershey kisses.  Then I hide them around the room while the kids are at lunch.  Then when they come back in we walk around and find them.  I put a 100 chart down and the kids match the number on their kiss and put it on the chart. 
2. 100 balloon pop
I blow up 100 balloons and we count to 100 as we pop each one. 
3. 100 day cupcakes
I make cupcake.  The kids frost them with a popsicle stick and then we use the a Mike and Ike for the 1 and 2 lifesaver gummies for the 00.  So CUTE!  The kids love it!
4. 100 day wish
We write about what they would wish for 100 of.  Funny... one kid wished for 100 pickles!
5. 100 day crown!  I love to get out the glitter and decorate our crowns. 
What are your top 5 favorites for the 100 day?  So many possibilities! 
Of course we do a couple songs! 

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