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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guided Math

Last week I started Guided Math; and I LOVE it!  The kids are having so much fun and I feel like I can really zero into those skills the kids need work on.  I put my kids in three groups.  I kept it pretty simple.  I know there are lots of ways of doing this and  I just wanted to use what I already had.  My three stations are Math with Teacher, Math Game, Brain Boxes.  I have tons of center activities that take little to no explaining to do. So the kids pick them and work independently.  The math games are games that we have introduced or games that I have played with them during math with teacher.  Right now I am doing a game of the day. So there is no fighting over what game they will play.  The kids are productive and working the whole time.
When I introduced it I did the I charts just like Daily 5.  We discussed their job and my job.  This really helped them to know what is expected of them.  So we start Guided Math with a 5-7 minute whole group lesson and then 3 rounds of Guided Math. During the mini lesson we are using our 10 frame on the floor. I have kids stand in the squares. We add number of girls and number of boys.  Or different groups based on what they are wearing.  They are doing great understanding addition. I created a Decomposing Packet. W e are doing one number a day and using cubes to help us. 

I made sheets for numbers 2-10.  Students can learn to decompose all of them.  We did do them together under the document camera the first couple of days.  I also created a center activity.  There are 22 different cards students choose a card and the correct number and color of cubes and make the addition sentence.  The students can color on the sheets with dry erase marker after you laminate it or use the recording sheet.  They write the letter on the card and then write the number sentence.  I did all the work and even made an answer sheet for quick and easy checking.  :) As students get good at the letter cards they can move to the number cards.  These do not have a prescribed number of the cubes just the answer.  The kids need to use the correct color of cubes and decide how to get the answer. 

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