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Monday, June 24, 2013

Guided Reading Summer Book Study

After reading this chapter I felt validated in myself as a guided reading teacher. I do set up routines really well.  The more I teach the slower and more intentional I am in the beginning.   I introduce the independent literacy activities in the beginning of the year.  I use baskets one for each table. I put simple easy activities like magnetic letters, marker boards, playdoh and books.   This gives students some book skills and lets them explore. We do each for 20 minutes and then the next day we switch the baskets.  I really works well at the beginning of the year.  I like how Jan Richardson suggested pulling each group over to introduce a literacy center.  I will definitely do this THIS year.   I will be teaching 1st grade and be doing literacy work stations instead of Daily 5.  While I am sad to leave Kindergarten and my love of Daily 5; I am embracing the change!  After all the only constant thing in life is change. I have been reading Debbie Diller's book Literacy Work Stations also so that has helped me with work stations.
Anyway, the biggest topic to take away from this chapter is take it SLOW! Help students gain independence. I appreciate how she says to use a time.  There is a great online time at it's easy to show through a projector if you have one in your room.  There are some fun ones like the man running to the finish line or the bomb with the fuse slowly getting smaller.  However, just be cautious they are eye catching and sometimes students will be watching the timer instead of doing their work. I found the egg timer works the best and isn't distracting.
I enjoyed reading this chapter and look forward to more learning with Jan Richardson.

One a side note, I am changing grade levels and want to change my blog. Anyone have any great ideas for a new name?  I was thinking Learning with Lisa but that is taken.  DARN!  I wanted to not make it so grade level specific but catchy, fun and easy to remember.  If you have any ideas..... let me know! I'm open! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

More writing centers

I have been busy outside playing in the pool, watching TONS of t-ball and baseball games, and enjoying summer.  I have also managed to make more writing centers.  I have added 3 more to my store.

Click on any picture to get them from my TPT store.  Remember if you purchase the bundle you will get all them and any additional ones that are added later for FREE.  I will notify you of any updates to redownload.  Get it before the price increases.

Monday, June 3, 2013

The cutest little word bags!

So recently one of my friends showed me a little bag her daughter made at daycare. It's so easy I had to make them for word bags next year.  I love to make word bags every year where the kids can write their sight words on notecards as they learn them and add them to their bag.  Then they always have their words with them and can practice anytime. 
Get yourself some Ziploc freezer bags and decorative duct tape. 
I'm doing zebra stripes theme in my room next year so I got pink and green zebra stripes.  Then just roll the tape across the front then the back. You have to cover it with 5 strips of tape.  Then to make the handle just take a piece of duct tape as long as you would like and fold in half.  Then tuck under the duct tape on the top of each side.
CUTE!  CUTE! CUTE!  I love them.  They are durable and easy to make. 
 It seriously took me 5 minutes or less to make one and you can make it while watching TV. 
 Who doesn't love that??
One roll of tape covers four bags.  You could use the smaller bags and get more bags per roll.  You can get the colored decorative duct tape at any store!  They have tons of different kinds.  The kids will love them and they will last all year!

You could use them for math manipulatives, purses and wallets when learning money, the possibilities are endless!