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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Short a...

Whew! I survived Christmas.  We had 4 days of Christmas.  The one good thing with it being on Tuesday we didn't have to double up any of them.  So Christmas day was spent at my mother-in-laws and wouldn't you know, my husband got SICK!  Yes, he had the flu that has been going around.  According to him it hurt all the way to his fingernails.  So dramatic!!  Off we went to the mother-in-laws without him. It was fine. Just makes it a little more stressful by myself.
I spent today putting Christmas way.  So now back to getting ready for the new year! School will start back in a week. CRAZY!! 

Well, we are going to start CVC units after break! So I decided to make these packets to help my students learn these words.  We will match, build, and write these words.  Students will really learn to read these words instead of just memorize.  We will focus on ways to really become good readers and writers.  I thought logically I would start with short a.  I made a packet for the -at word family and the -an word family.
  -at word family
This packet included cat, mat, rat, sat, bat, hat.
There is a page for each word like the one below.  Students trace the word three times, then write it on the line twice, the trace and read the sentence.  Students then cut and glue the word. 

There is also a word building page for each word.  Students use the beginning sound of the pictures to build the word using the provided letter cards or magnets letters whichever you prefer to use.  Then students match the picture in the middle.  Then in the bottom boxes the students use a dry erase marker and write the word.  
There are also two review pages that have the students matching the words to the pictures. 
Here are some examples of the -an word family set. This set includes can, fan, man, ran, tan, pan.

I'm looking forward to using these packets with my class. As a FREEBIE to you I am giving you the posters that go with these sets.  These posters can be made into a book or displayed while teaching that unit.  ENJOY!  Visit my store on TPT to purchase yours for only $2 a set!  Remember I'm donating 100% of my sales on TPT from now until January 14 to Sandy Hook teachers.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Teaching Supporting Teachers

Well, it's been a week now since Sandy Hook tragedy.  I have cried a little, well a lot!  And hugged my littler kinders a little more when they left for break on Wednesday.  So sad!  We all have been impacted from this and  I want to support fellow teachers in CT. So I am linking up with Kristin from Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten.
From now until January 14th 100% of my TPT sales will go towards the teachers in CT!! I can do my little part of help those who need our support and love. SO clean out your wishlist and purchase some products to support CT teachers.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Gingerbread freebie and Christmas lights

I have been working on a new literacy center/word work unit.  It has uppercase and lowercase Christmas lights.  Students use the picture mats to match the upper and lowercase letter to the picture under the tree.
 Students can use these same letters to string up the lights in ABC order. You can use upper or lowercase letters whichever fits your students needs. 
 Now you can wrap up the presents.  These 50 word mats use the letter presents to build the words.

Click on the title to go to my TPT store to pick up your own Christmas lights unit today.
Christmas lights literacy fun

Well in the spirit of the season we are reading all the different versions of the Gingerbread Man.  Today we read the The Gingerbread Baby.  I created this retelling page to help students retell the story.  First, mix the dough to make the gingerbread man.  Second, the gingerbread boy runs from all the animals. Then he goes into the gingerbread house that Mattie made for him. Lovely story with a great ending.  I have been working with my kids to retell using our retelling rope.  LOVE IT!! It is just a piece of fleece rolled up with four ribbons tied in it.  The students hold each part of the ribbon as they retell the story.  FUN!  It had helped students with comprehension and retelling!

Gingerbread Retelling

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little Christmas and Gingerbread fun!

We have been having fun reading all the different versions of the Gingerbread man!  My kids love the Gingerbread Pirates!  We are starting our Gingerbread Time to the Hour next week. I'm excited to play a little BINGO!  Click here to go to my TPT store to get your very own!

We will also review our numbers 11-20.  I will use this counting center as a math read the room.  I hang all the counting cards randomly around the room and have the kids walk around the room, count the cards and write the numbers in the boxes and color the correct color. Click here for my TPT store to get this

This is my kids favorite Gingerbread song to listen to.  A cute video from our fav, Mr. Harry!

Here is a little gingerbread FREEBIE!  It fits our word wall words the past couple of weeks! Enjoy!

OK!  I need to take a small moment to brag about my kids this year!  They are so awesome!  Not only are they the nicest class that I have ever had but they are smart too!!  They try hard and always do what I ask!  They are making my job easy this year!  LOVE THEM!!  So we have a school improvement goal to improve number sense.  The Kindergarten team took Counting to 100 as a goal for the year.  Now, in Nebraska we haven't adopted Common Core.  I know, I know.  We are one of the only two states that haven't adopted it yet.  I'm sure it's coming soon.  Anyhow, every month we have the our kids count to 100.  I record it on recording sheet with every month a different color.  So they can see their progress. I know get to the good part... so today was the testing day.  Not only were they so excited to count for me, 80% of them did it!!  YAY!  It's only December and they can count to 100!  I was amazed.  And they were so excited to sign their name on my handmade poster board that said 100 club and wear a 100 crown I made from  bulletin board border.  I can't wait till next week when we hand out certificates in front of the whole school during community. 
Ok! I'm done! Have a great day! Enjoy all things gingerbread! :)