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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little Christmas and Gingerbread fun!

We have been having fun reading all the different versions of the Gingerbread man!  My kids love the Gingerbread Pirates!  We are starting our Gingerbread Time to the Hour next week. I'm excited to play a little BINGO!  Click here to go to my TPT store to get your very own!

We will also review our numbers 11-20.  I will use this counting center as a math read the room.  I hang all the counting cards randomly around the room and have the kids walk around the room, count the cards and write the numbers in the boxes and color the correct color. Click here for my TPT store to get this

This is my kids favorite Gingerbread song to listen to.  A cute video from our fav, Mr. Harry!

Here is a little gingerbread FREEBIE!  It fits our word wall words the past couple of weeks! Enjoy!

OK!  I need to take a small moment to brag about my kids this year!  They are so awesome!  Not only are they the nicest class that I have ever had but they are smart too!!  They try hard and always do what I ask!  They are making my job easy this year!  LOVE THEM!!  So we have a school improvement goal to improve number sense.  The Kindergarten team took Counting to 100 as a goal for the year.  Now, in Nebraska we haven't adopted Common Core.  I know, I know.  We are one of the only two states that haven't adopted it yet.  I'm sure it's coming soon.  Anyhow, every month we have the our kids count to 100.  I record it on recording sheet with every month a different color.  So they can see their progress. I know get to the good part... so today was the testing day.  Not only were they so excited to count for me, 80% of them did it!!  YAY!  It's only December and they can count to 100!  I was amazed.  And they were so excited to sign their name on my handmade poster board that said 100 club and wear a 100 crown I made from  bulletin board border.  I can't wait till next week when we hand out certificates in front of the whole school during community. 
Ok! I'm done! Have a great day! Enjoy all things gingerbread! :)

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