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Friday, November 30, 2012

Gingerbread Sound boxes and other random thoughts

We have been working hard to learn and stretch out those important CVC words.  My kids are doing great at it.  We first count the sounds on our fingers then write them in the boxes.   I made these Gingerbread man sound boxes to use during the winter season. :)

 Cup in a cup
A Great Classroom Management Tool
I have always done can of names.  It helps me call on everyone instead of just having that one dominate student answer every question.  I usually just pick a stick and throw it down.  Then I end up losing some and having to pick them up all the time. Well this summer I went to a conference and the speaker said she used a cup in a cup.  DUH!! That was a total Ah-Ha Moment!!  Well, I love it. I just move the stick out of the cup after I call on them and then move them all back when they are all out of the cup. 

A little Candyland fun!
I found a couple CandyLand games at Goodwill.  However, this time of year you can get them cheap. I picked up one on Black Friday for $4. I wrote all the word wall words that we learn throughout the year and students play like regular CandyLand but they have to read the words that they land on.  I have an ABC, sight words, and number board. 
A fun game students love to play and have fun learning!!

A closer look!

French Fries!
This is another favorite math center! 
I went to Burger King and asked for 20 French fry containers.  Then I cut up yellow sponges. Students count out the correct number of French fries to put in each container. My kids want to get them out during centers and serve them to each other! So cute! Thinkin I need to go get some more and write addition problems on them.


I had to add this cute picture from our Thanksgiving celebration!  We painted vests and made feather headbands.  Then made super yummy turkey snacks!


  1. Your sound boxes are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i do mean ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to use them immediately as i am launching all things gingerbread next week.

  2. Oh so glad that you love them! Enjoy!