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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Some of my favorite...math stations edition

Math Stations

Here are some of my favorite math stations.  I have four HAVE to Math stations each week that rotate through each table.  After the math stations make it through the table I put them in plastic containers and the students can have free choice when the have to stations is complete.  So students always review and visit past favorites. 

Linking Numbers

I took a number line border that I bought at Dollar Tree and cut it up into pieces by each number.  I made this two ways to do it. In the top picture, students make their own number line.  I hole punched each side of the number card and have students using learning links to make a number line. The bottom picture put a hole punch in the bottom of the card and have the students link the correct number of links to the card.  I have these for numbers 1-10.  A great way to practice numbers!

A Thanksgiving Favorite!

I colored and wrote the number to the middle of the turkey body.  I glued it to a small paper plate. Then hot glued colored feathers to clothespins.  The students just clip the correct number of feathers.
A gobble-gobble good time! LOL!

Number pockets 

I used library pockets to make these.  I just laminated and glued numbers onto popsicle sticks. Then I glue the dot cards to the pockets and laminated.  The students have to count the dots and put the correct number stick into the pocket. 

 Number chain

I just made number strips and then laminated them.  I added velcro to each side of the strip.  The students link the numbers together to make a number chain 0-30. 

Ponytail Patterns

Even though we haven't done patterns in a long time, students still love to do this.  I borrowed some rhythym sticks from the music teacher and bought lots of those little ponytails.  The students make patterns on the sticks with ponytails. :)

Number Dominoes

I used number stars from Sparklebox and then drew a line down the middle with white chalk.  I then used stickers on the other side.  Students count the number of dots and connect them on the rug to make dominoes. They can turn them or connect them in a row. 

Number Tic Tac Toe

This is a super easy way to make your tic tac toe board interchangeable.  I just used thin tape on a magnet cookie sheet to make a tic tac toe board.  I got tiny cute tic tac toe pieces from Staples. I used small stars that I wrote the numbers 0-20 on.  I just picked 9 numbers and set them on the board.  The students play in pairs.  One is X's and one is O's.  The students say the number before they can put their piece down.  Whoever gets 3-in-a-row first is the winner!! 

another favorite of mine......

Have you heard of A CUP IN A CUP??

I went to a conference this summer and heard this idea and love it.  I use sticks to call on students. Instead of just throwing them down on the table and having them get lost, you just put a smaller cup inside your larger cup.  As you pick students names you just move the cup to the outside part.  Once everyones stick is moved, just move them all back to the middle cup and start over!  I just LOVE this idea!

Thanks for visiting!  Hope you learned something you can use in your classroom!  :) Lisa

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