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Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's in my egg? Freebie

This is a fun center I just created.  Just print off the jellybean cards, laminate them and fold them into a plastic Easter egg.  I have a cute pail I keep mine in.  The students pick and egg, open it and read it.  Then they write the word in an egg on the recording sheet.  Simple yet fun!  You could play this as a whole class and have one student come up at a time and pick and egg and everyone write the same word.  A great way to review sight words.  Click on the link to get it Free from my TPT store. Please consider following me if you download it.  I'm so close to getting my first 100 followers. YAY!  What's in my egg?

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Rhyming Socks and others

With Dr. Seuss week this week we have been doing a LOT of rhyming! We have been reading all the classics.  We enjoyed Pajama Day as we read the Sleep Book.  Today we read a Wocket in my Pocket. It was fun to see all the wockets the kids brought in their pockets.  Tomorrow, is our last day of the week so we are having a Parent Breakfast with Green Eggs and Ham.  Even the Cat in the Hat is coming to visit. :) I love to see the kids' face when they see the Green eggs and ham.  It's so cute.
Well with all the rhyming I made so socks to match as we read Fox in Socks.  I created 10 different matching sock pairs.  The kids just match them up and then hang them on their clothesline.  I just took a long piece of yarn and taped it to the back to of two chairs and spread them apart to make a clothesline.  The kids hang them up with clothespins. They love it!  It's the new popular work box. 
Here is a picture of this product you can get it on TPT. 

I also finished up my writing center for March.  I love using these because the kids can just find the words and write them in the correct spot. It's better than just copying the word because they have the picture there to help them refer to it later!

Also, here is my word stacking Freebie. I talked about how to play this game in my Cups, cups, cups post recently.  I didn't post the recording sheet.  The kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE this word work box.  They love to stack them up.
One more fun Math center!  The kids do Math boxes as one of the Guided Math rotations.  I have 25 different work boxes.  These are individual activities. I let most of the kids pick their own box but for those that need extra help in select areas I pick their box for them. 
Here is one of my favorite math boxes. 
It's Number Pancakes.

 The kids flip for joy when completing this box. I have number pancakes 1-50.  I have 4 different recording sheets that go with this.  The one you see is the blank pancakes where students fill and write the number.  There is one with numbers 1-25 in each pancake and the students color the number they flip.  I also have a recording sheet with number words.  Student flip a number and then color the number word.  Addition and subtraction sheets are also available.  There are lots of ways to play this game. You can use it all year! 
Click here to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and find these great products!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

March calendar book & 15% off sale

I just got my March calendar book uploaded.  My pattern this month will be green, green, yellow. A fun way to incorporate patterns throughout the year.

I'm going to continue Daily Domino but this month I'm focusing on subtraction. 

Another 10's frame practice.  My kids did a good job and it was a great review of 10's frames. 

NEW THIS MONTH!  I added this to add a little writing in to calendar books. Students are going to write out the day and month with words and the shortened way to write it.  The kids will work on capitals letters and punctuation.
Today, February 21st is my daughter's birthday.  We have a snow day here and are expecting up to 11 inches.  So if you are off sit back in your pajamas and shop! Here is the link to my store!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unit 5 complete and FREEBIE spring sound boxes

I finally got my word work unit done for Unit 5.  We will be starting this soon and I have been working to find clip art that I love to complete it! I focus this unit on these words: make, play, she, all, no, he, said, good. Many activities are included that help kids focus on learning these words.  The pick and write students pick a word card and write it in blank spot on the page.  I also include pick and color to just color the words you pick. Here is the Read the Room page. This is in my work on writing center all year.  

Clip, trace, write
Students use the word card and clip the word on them with clothespins.  I write the letters on the clothespins and put one alphabet set in the box.  Students clip the word on the card, trace it in the middle box and then write in the last box.
 Here is the sight word color by word assessment sheet.
My kids love the scavenger hunts that I have created! They have to walk around the room and find the word and write the words on the recording sheet. 

 This unit I made something a little harder.  I created a word building sheet.  I focused on four words at a time.  I have students cut up the letter to build the words.
 The word cards for this unit.  I use these to flip through everyday at the beginning of guided reading groups.  I also make a set for the clip, trace, write.  I also make two sets for memory with each unit.
 Here are the cute word cards for pick and write!
Here is the link to my TPT store to grab your copy!
If you would like any of the activities with your words you study let me know. 
I can customize it for you. :)
I also created some new SpRiNg SoUnD BoXeS!  Head over to my Royal Freebies page!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

-ip word family

Word Family Fun
I am in the midst of creating word family packets.  Each word family has three to eight words within each family.  I have created word mats for each word and a worksheet.  I put the worksheets together to make a book.  I also have two review worksheets for each word family.  We focus on one word family every week.  Fun!  My kids are really getting better at phonemic awareness.  Here are some pictures of the -ip word family.

Here is the link to my TPT store! Enjoy! -ip word family

Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Day Freebies!

I made a couple Valentine's Day magazine search from my Letter Detective Magazine Search throughout the year. 
Sorry I had to take down my color by word and addition color page.  Copyright rules.  So sorry!


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cups, cups and more cups!

Well, we are going crazy over cups.  Lately I have found myself with a surplus of cups.  I actually got a lot last summer from Camp Invention.  I have been trying to figure out what to do with them.  So here is what we came up with. Most of these came from my teacher partner! She's so creative! They are so fun!

First, is a simple easy game to play.  A great review for anytime over anything. You know the old trick where you hide a ball under and cup and move them all around and ask someone which one it is under.  Well just write on a label on the cups.  I wrote addition problems.  Then mixed the cups up and asked students to find the chocolate.  I used chocolate because I had it leftover from the 100th day.  You could just put a ball, button, cotton ball, conversation heart, possibilities are endless, you could use anything you have.  Hide something move the cups around and let the fun begin.  I'm also making some with words to review the harder to remember ones. :)

The second one is a great word work activity the kids are sure to love!!  Just write words on your cups. Students pick a cup read the word and build a tower.  Then the record their words on their sheet.
I made a sheet but it's on my school computer.  I will have to upload it later. Sorry!
The third one I also used ping pong balls.  Just a little weird that I had 50 ping pong balls but I did so that I what I used.  My teaching partners used craft sticks.  I wrote the word family on the cup and then different words on the balls.  I had the students sort them by word family and then write them on the recording sheet.  I like to make them accountable for their work :)
And click here for the recording sheet.

The next math station doesn't have anything to do with cups but I just made this so had to share.  So simple.  I used addition flashcards that were free on TPT and cut them up and glued them to cardstock.  I laminated the cardstock and then put hold punches under each number.  The student link the correct number of links to the card.  Then add them up and write the answer with a dry erase marker.  Simple and effective learning through manipulatives!  MY FAVORITE!! 

Enjoy!  Leave a comment!  I'd love to hear from my followers!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Add em up!

We are having fun with addition!! I love addition because kids can use so many manipulatives to help them understand.  They get to play and learn! We have been using our unifix cubes to add and decompose numbers.  Of course we love to reach our musical kids with a little music and dancing.  Here are a few of our favorite videos.
I created addition cards for a math center.  Students count the two colors of hearts and create a addition sentence.  I have used this in my guided math groups and next week it will become a Brain Box. :)

Look for this in my Valentine's Day packet on TPT.
I made a ten frame on the floor with floor tape. So easy and simple.  It took me two minutes to make.  We have been having students use it to show math problems.  We have been using ourselves to make math problems too.  FUN!! The students love it!
Tomorrow is conferences all day!!  Check back later to see what I came up with in my free time!Enjoy!