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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Unit 5 complete and FREEBIE spring sound boxes

I finally got my word work unit done for Unit 5.  We will be starting this soon and I have been working to find clip art that I love to complete it! I focus this unit on these words: make, play, she, all, no, he, said, good. Many activities are included that help kids focus on learning these words.  The pick and write students pick a word card and write it in blank spot on the page.  I also include pick and color to just color the words you pick. Here is the Read the Room page. This is in my work on writing center all year.  

Clip, trace, write
Students use the word card and clip the word on them with clothespins.  I write the letters on the clothespins and put one alphabet set in the box.  Students clip the word on the card, trace it in the middle box and then write in the last box.
 Here is the sight word color by word assessment sheet.
My kids love the scavenger hunts that I have created! They have to walk around the room and find the word and write the words on the recording sheet. 

 This unit I made something a little harder.  I created a word building sheet.  I focused on four words at a time.  I have students cut up the letter to build the words.
 The word cards for this unit.  I use these to flip through everyday at the beginning of guided reading groups.  I also make a set for the clip, trace, write.  I also make two sets for memory with each unit.
 Here are the cute word cards for pick and write!
Here is the link to my TPT store to grab your copy!
If you would like any of the activities with your words you study let me know. 
I can customize it for you. :)
I also created some new SpRiNg SoUnD BoXeS!  Head over to my Royal Freebies page!

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