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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

March calendar book & 15% off sale

I just got my March calendar book uploaded.  My pattern this month will be green, green, yellow. A fun way to incorporate patterns throughout the year.

I'm going to continue Daily Domino but this month I'm focusing on subtraction. 

Another 10's frame practice.  My kids did a good job and it was a great review of 10's frames. 

NEW THIS MONTH!  I added this to add a little writing in to calendar books. Students are going to write out the day and month with words and the shortened way to write it.  The kids will work on capitals letters and punctuation.
Today, February 21st is my daughter's birthday.  We have a snow day here and are expecting up to 11 inches.  So if you are off sit back in your pajamas and shop! Here is the link to my store!


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