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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Liebster Award!!

My first blog award!!  How exciting!!  I was nominated for the Liebster Award 3  times.  Wow!   But, what does the word mean???  After doing a little research, I found that this word means "dearest" in German. I am so thankful for the 3 great ladies that nominated me!!  Thanks ladies!! :0)

What is it?

The Liebster Award is given by bloggers to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It is to show new bloggers that they are appreciated and to help spread the word about their new blogs.

The Rules:

- You must post 11 random things about yourself.

- Answer the questions that the nominator set for you.

- Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.

- Choose 11 blogs you love (with less than 200 followers) and link them in your post.

- No tag back (but please leave me a comment on this post with the URL to your Liebster post so I can learn more about you!)

11 Random Things About Me!!
1.I never ate cake until my wedding; I used to tell people I was allergic! Weird, I know.
2. I have 3 kids, 3 dogs, a cat, turtle, fish and a husband! That's one busy house!
3. I love the colors pink and brown.
4. I played the clarinet in high school.
5. I was the state and national powerlifting champion in high school.
6. I ran my first half marathon two years ago.
7. I signed up for the WARRIOR dash already; and it's not until JUNE!
8. I have dyed my hair since high school.
9. I played soccer in high school.
10. I am only 5 ft tall and my 8 year old son is almost taller than me.
11. I love diet coke!!

Questions from Kindergarten Faith:

1.  When did you start blogging? In September 2012.
2.  Why did you start blogging? I have followed blogs for years and people have said to me "Why don't you start a blog?" So on our three week fall break, I thought I would try it out!  ADDICTIVE!!

3.  If there was one thing you could share with new teachers what would it be? Smile and laugh at yourself.  Kids might not remember how you taught them the facts but they will remember how you made them feel.  Take time to get to know your kids and where they come from. It's makes a world of difference!! 


4.  What is your favorite thing to do? Blog, play with my kids, go camping!  Jet-skiing


5.  What is your favorite kind of ice-cream? Cookie-dough


6.  Would you rather snow ski or swim in the ocean? ocean!  I love the warm sand in between my toes!!


7.  What is your favorite book? Where the Red Fern Grows..My third grade teacher read it to us and I fell in love with it!


8.  What is the craziest thing a student has ever told you? "Why can't you say "mother f****er?"


9.  What is something you have learned from your students? Never complain about what you don't have because there is always someone who has less than you.  so sad.


10.  Do you have a class pet?  If so, what? :0) No, not allowed in my district. :(


11.  What do you look forward to the most about blogging?Getting to know and learn from other teachers!


  11 questions from Club Kindergarten

1. What's your favorite teaching memory? Watching my kids faces at the zoo every year on our field trip. So many of them have never been there before.  They just love it!!

2. How long have you been teaching? 11 years!
3. Favorite hobbies? blogging, shopping
4. What's something on your bucket list? Take my kids and husband to Disneyland. My husband has never flown in an airplane. 
5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Disneyland!! or a cruise
6. When did you start blogging? September 2012
7. Favorite book, child or adult? Where the Red Fern Grows
8.Favorite TV show? Bachelor, can't wait to watch in January with Sean!
9. Which holiday do you enjoy the most? Halloween
10. Favorite celebrity?  Channing Tatum, the only reason to watch Magic Mike!!
11. Pinterest or Facebook? Facebook; but I love them both!

Questions from the Constant Kindergartener!

1. What did you want to be when you were little? A teacher; ever since 3rd grade
2. What's your favorite food? Mexican
3. What's your favorite color? pink and brown
4. Why did you start blogging? to share ideas with teacher around the world
5. What's your favorite animal? horse
6. What's the craziest thing a student ever told you? Do you have a mom?
7. What's the best thing about teaching for you? Really getting to see that lightbulb go on.  My kids learn and grow SO much during Kindergarten.  It amazes me how five and six year olds can be bi-lingual!
8. What's the worst thing about teaching for you? Understanding, what my kids are saying.  Sometimes I just don't know what they are telling me because of language barrier.
9. Have you travelled a lot? If yes, where? Nope, we just go camping.  We did to go to Memphis Lakes in Kansas and Lake McConaughy this summer.

10. What is your favorite TV show/movie? Bachelor

11. What's your favorite hobby? shopping
My nominees....
1.The Kindergarten Backpack
2.Kelly and Kim's Kindergarten
3. Kindergarten Cafeteria
4. Mrs Janelle's Kindergarten
5. My Crazy life in Kinder
6. Klassy Kinders
7. I heart my Kinder Kids
8. Kinder Karla
9. Mrs. Jones's class
10. Kick Starting Kindergarten
11. Kinder Kids at Play

Questions for my Nominees
1. Why did you become a teacher?
2. How long have you taught?
3. What are your hobbies?
4. What is your favorite food?
5. What is your favorite subject to teach?
6. What is your favorite learning website for kids to use?
7. When did you start a blog?
8. Why did you start a blog?
9. What are your future goals?
10. What is on your bucket list?
11. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

Enjoy!  I will look forward to getting to know you! Good luck in your future blogging experiences!
Thanks! Kindergarten Faith, The Constant Kindergartener and Club Kindergarten for the bloggy love! 
It is fun being nominated!! 
Have a great week!




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