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Monday, June 3, 2013

The cutest little word bags!

So recently one of my friends showed me a little bag her daughter made at daycare. It's so easy I had to make them for word bags next year.  I love to make word bags every year where the kids can write their sight words on notecards as they learn them and add them to their bag.  Then they always have their words with them and can practice anytime. 
Get yourself some Ziploc freezer bags and decorative duct tape. 
I'm doing zebra stripes theme in my room next year so I got pink and green zebra stripes.  Then just roll the tape across the front then the back. You have to cover it with 5 strips of tape.  Then to make the handle just take a piece of duct tape as long as you would like and fold in half.  Then tuck under the duct tape on the top of each side.
CUTE!  CUTE! CUTE!  I love them.  They are durable and easy to make. 
 It seriously took me 5 minutes or less to make one and you can make it while watching TV. 
 Who doesn't love that??
One roll of tape covers four bags.  You could use the smaller bags and get more bags per roll.  You can get the colored decorative duct tape at any store!  They have tons of different kinds.  The kids will love them and they will last all year!

You could use them for math manipulatives, purses and wallets when learning money, the possibilities are endless!


  1. Really cute idea! I might make these for my take home books, but I'd have to use gallon size (and more duct tape of course) Thanks for sharing.

  2. These are really cute and seem as if they are easy to make! Thanks for sharing!


    The Bilingual Teacher

  3. Very cute idea! I hope you are willing to let me see one in person. ;)