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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Writing Centers and news.....

Well, I have been busy making some easy work on writing centers.  I love these.  The kids love to sit in front of the pocket chart with a clipboard and write. 
I made a new school items for the beginning of the school year and a community helpers writing center.  I also made some number centers. One is 0-10 and the other is 10-20 number words. I just made color words also.  I'm working on a shape one to be up soon.  Once I figure out how to bundle all of them I will. Click on the picture of each to go directly to my TPT store!


Well with only 7 days left of school it's crazy!  Today we had a record high of 100 degrees.  WHEW!  That's a hot one.  It's crazy that 12 days ago we had snow falling.  This Nebraska weather is crazy!! 

In my classroom we are learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. Luckily we had all 5 caterpillars form into their crystallis!  YAY!  Hoping they come out before school is out!  We might be cutting it close.

Well...............................Now the news.......................
Next year I will finally graduate from Kindergarten. After 11 years, I will move to 1st grade.  I took another job at another district.  It is a time of a lot of changes!  I'm excited, sad, nervous, and happy all at the same time!  I know the next week isn't going to be easy for me to leave my school. It was the first job I had out of college.  It's where I grew as a teacher and person. I had all three of my kids while teaching there and have grown to know and love everyone. Some of my best friends are there! Such a bittersweet move!  I just wish I could get through a day without crying.  I'm such a wreck! Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! Change is always hard, but for me... (when I've prayed hard and feel good about it) it has always been a good thing!!! Wishing you the best!


  2. Hi Lisa,
    I have 7 days left as of today...I see you wrote this earlier in the month. I really want a change but it's hard in my district. Hopefully the year after next I can go up to third. You will do great!
    PS I'm your newest follower, cute blog!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After