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Monday, November 18, 2013

Long Vowels and a Spelling Station!

Well, I've been busy just not blogging.  I've just been so busy this year.  I'm learning a new school, new grade, new curriculum.  I feel like I have meetings, meetings, meetings.  On top of meetings, I have an after school program, L2 that I run twice a week.  CRAZY!
Well, we are beginning long vowels this week.  So today I showed my kids the super e song on youtube.  THEY LOVED IT!!  If you teach CVCe words show this video!  It's super cute and the kids love it.
I just finished up my Long Vowel Centers 
In this packet there are 3 real/nonsense word sort.  These are for long a, i, o. These are great for a pocket chart.

There are four books like this one. Students make a flip book to change the short vowel word to a long vowel word. They glue the new word under the flap and write the new word. 

There are 13 puzzles like this.  I added velcro to the back of mine and students velcroed them to the mat to create puzzles.  The students LOVE this activity. 

This is the word-picture sort.  The students match the words to the pictures and then sort the nonsense words by vowel.  There is a recording sheet to complete with this activity. 

I have also made linking cards. I cut these and laminate them. Then hole punch both sides of the cards.  I then use the plastic links to have the students link them together to make words. 

Enjoy!  I promise I will be back to blogging more!