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Sunday, April 14, 2013

All things ZOO!!

So we are busy getting ready for the zoo!  Only 15 more days!!!  I can't wait!  I made a zoo packet that we are going to use while we learn all about the zoo.  First we have a countdown chain!  Everyday we are taking off a number until we get to the zoo.
  Click on the picture to grab your copy of the packet! 
We are going to do a writing project starting next week.  Each student will pick an animal that lives at the zoo.  We have a lot of easy nonfiction books in our library that focus on only one animal in the book. I will get a book for each child.  If you don't have enough books you could pair your students up and do this as a partner activity. So the students will fill in the animal web.  They will write in the covering, what the animal eats, and where it lives.  They will also find an interesting fact about the animal.  I know some of the words will be hard to read but the students should be able to see the animals from the pictures in the book.
After writing in the web.  The students will fill in the chart to tell about their animal. 

Then students will write sentences to tell about their animals.  They can write so much from the pictures in the books.  This is a fun activity that helps the student learn about zoo animals.

I also have two pages of animal beginning and ending sounds.  I also have answer sheets so students can check their own work. 

And, my favorite!  Story problems.  My kids are getting so good at these.  We work hard to read through the story together and figure out if we will add or subtract. It will be interesting to see them draw the animals.  I created 6 addition and 6 subtraction story problems. 

Animal equations!  I created 12 addition and 12 subtraction cards.  Students use the pictures to write equations.  I also created an answer sheet for each checking.  My students love these!

This packet also has some writing prompts!
My favorite animal at the zoo is ....
My least favorite animal at the zoo is....
If I ran the zoo I would....
Don't forget to pick up my Zoo Writing Center to complete your zoo learning!

Have fun and enjoy learning about zoo animals! 


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