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Monday, April 22, 2013

May calendar books! DONE!

I'm so happy to get my May Calendar books done!  I spend a lot of time on these each month.  I now have January through May complete. This month I added a couple pages to spice things up. We don't want the kids to get bored during this last month of school.  Only 24 days left!  Not that I'm counting!
Here are a couple pictures of the new pages this month. Of course a lot of the same monthly pages are still in the packet. Calendar, days of the week, months of the year, counting the days in school, weather graph, Daily domino, Daily Double Dice roll, Problem of the day.
 This page is new. If you can't print these pages in color just have the kids circle yesterday with a blue marker, today with green, and tomorrow with red before you start.  Then they will get the hang of it.  You could cross out yesterday since it is in the past, circle today and underline tomorrow. 
I'm excited about this birthday page.  We celebrate birthdays all year when they happen.  Since this is the last month before summer it will be a great memory page for them to remember their friends and when their birthdays are. I am just going to have the helper tell us his/her birthday and write in that name.  That way we are only doing one name a day.  If you want to do more you can to speed it up.

Here is another new page.  I am going to have the kids color the date on the chart.  Then they can actually see if the number is odd or even. I will have the students write the day number on the line and circle odd or even. 

This month I am doing Daily Domino with subtraction.  I also added Double Dice Roll with addition. You can choose if you want to do both pages with addition and subtraction or just pick one of each. 

Here is an example of the Problem of the Day pages.  I work hard to make all of these different.  There are a few that I have continued each month just to give kids practice. I hope that you enjoy the differentiation of the problems.

Here is the link to May Calendar Books on TPT! Grab your copy today!
We are done with school on May 24th.  So if you have school into June and would like June calendar books please leave me a comment or email me.  I am not planning on making a calendar book for June but I will if you need them.
Thanks for all your support! 
I got my first check the other day from TPT!  It's so exciting to meet new bloggers and teachers along the way.  Thanks to my followers for all your support!  I appreciate it! 

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