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Friday, April 26, 2013

Five for Friday- April 26th (1st time)

Life has been crazy for me. Spring is always an emotional roller coaster ride; full of emotions.  I'm linky up with Doodlebugs for Five for Friday for the first time ever.  Seems fun! 

We are going to the ZOO!!  We are getting so excited!  The kids can't wait.  And best of all we will have nice weather. I just saw it is suppose to be 77 on Tuesday.  LOVE!  Especially since it has been so close here all spring!  I saw on the news tonight they have four month old lion cubs and a baby hippo.  AHHH!  How cute!  Can't wait to see them! So many of my kids do not get to go to the zoo so it will be a first time for some!  I love to see their faces. 

Since we have been getting ready for the zoo we have been doing my addition and subtraction picture cards.  We have also been practicing our beginning and ending sounds with zoo animals.  Both of these are part of my Zoo Animals Math and Literacy Extravaganza unit. Click on the title to check it out on TPT.


We have also been doing my Zoo writing center.
I love to put these in a pocket chart and the students copy the words during work on writing. It is great for them to look back at later and know the words because they can see their pictures.

Here is a little zoo freebie for you!  We are practicing our counting by 10's.  I will have the kids cut up the numbers and put them in order on a sentence strip.  Fun! Fun!

Scrambled Sentence book
So next week we are starting our Scrambled sentence book. I just created this to help my students composing sentences a little more.  We will read the mixed up sentence and then rewrite it the correct way.  Then students need to draw/finish the picture to match the sentence. It is great review and practice for students!
So here is my
Check out Doodle Bugs teaching for more fun!


  1. Hi Lisa! Your zoo packet looks great! Hope you have fun at the zoo! I'm your newest follower :)

    Science for Kids Blog


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