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Friday, October 12, 2012

Halloween Switch-a-Roo

This is a fun game to incorporate learning letters and having fun.  It's like the old-fashioned game "Fruit Basket". To prepare for this game just print and laminate the cards. The kids sit in a circle in chairs.  Each student gets a letter card. One person stands in the middle and calls out a character on the cards.  The two kids with that character on the cards stand up and switch spots.  The person in the middle tries to take one of the spots before they do.  Usually the person in the middle gets one of the spots and the person left without a chair stays standing.  The kids call out their letter after they sit down. The person in the middle gives their card to the one that took their spot that was in the middle.  Then just start over.  The middle person calls out a new Halloween friend. Fun,fun, fun!!Here it is. Just click the picture to go to my Teachers Pay Teachers.  It's on Sale for only $1.00 till Monday!  

Aren't they sooooo CUTE!!!  You could always just make them into an alphabet book or just use them to put them in ABC order! 
SO  fun! 

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