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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

NuMbErS, NuMbErS, NuMbErS!!!

Number Sense is such an important part of Kindergarten. My kiddos do not have prior learning experiences and do not come to Kindergarten knowing their numbers.  We work hard just learning to count and recognize our numbers. 
This year we did a NUMBER a day!!  Much like we always do a letter a day at the beginning of the year.  We did number books and Dr. Jean's Numeral song everyday.  We practiced writing our numbers on marker boards, in shaving cream, and with playdoh. 

We day we played a counting game.  We just stood in a circle and each person said a number.  We counted to the number of the day.  The last person to say the number of the day goes to their table and works on their number book. Simple counting game.  We just added a number everyday.  It really helped my non-English speaking student hear everyone count everyday. They thought it was so fun and always asked to do the counting game.

Our Number Chart!!
We always did a number chart.  Of course, I made borders using the number of the day.  I drew the number, number word, a shape if there is one with the sides of that number, dice, 10 frame and objects that come in that number. Of course, 2 was easy, 2 hands, 2 feet, 2 eyes. It was so cute they would count every time I drew the border around the edge.  Remember...the brain likes borders!!  I use them all the time! 
Math stations! 
Number Shake 
This station I used an old jewerly box and wrote numbers 1-10 on dot stickers and stuck them to the bottom.  Then put a small button or eraser in the box.  GIVE IT A GOOD SHAKE!   Then open it and write the number closest to the button on the marker board. Yep, it gets a little loud but that what Kindergarten is all about!! 
This another simple center you can make with stuff you probably already have!  I just put labels 2-10 on red solo cups.  :) Then get a deck of cards or two.  Take out the face cards.  Let the kids sort away. 

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