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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some of my favorites... word work edition

I decided to share some of my literacy center/ word work ideas.  In the beginning of the year we do some of these as literacy centers, then once we introduce Daily 5 these become word work.  It works nice because students understand expectations already and make a smooth transition.

 Playdoh words

 This a playdoh word building center.  This one that I made uses seasonal words but I also have one with all the word wall words we teach.  All you do it take your cookie cutter that you use and dip them in paint.  I used sentence strips but you could just use cardstock/ construction paper. Students use playdoh and cookie cutters to make the words and put them on top of the word strip. 

Clip, color, and write

This center is featured in all of my Journeys word work units  on TPT.  I make letter clothespins. I put uppercase on one side and lowercase on the other.  For students who need word cards, I let them clip to the word cards.  Students who are more advanced you can just give them a ruler or paint stick to clip their word on.  Then they color the word in the middle and write it in the last box.

Hammering letters

I just got this foam letter mat at Wal-mart or the dollar store. I can't remember now. I hot glued the pieces together.  Students take the letters out and hammer them in one at a time.  They LOVE it!!  It's a favorite and gets used everyday.

Bean words

I used little glasses.  They were actually tiny plastic shot glasses I bought at Dollar Tree. :) I made labels of all the words on the outside of the cup.  Then I wrote the letters on beans and students pour out the letters from the cups and build the word.  I keep the beans in the cup that they need to make the word to make it simpler and easier but you could just put a bunch of beans in a container with letters on them and have students find the letters to spell the words.  We often play in it small groups and use it as a race to see who can spell their word first.  I have them turn their cup over when they are done.  They can only win if they can read the word!! It's a fun way to practice sight words.

Magnetic words

Aren't these so cute!!  I love them! They are tiny magnets that I found once at Dollar General.  I not sure if you can find them anymore but any magnets would work.  Students build them in an Altoids container.  I have a recording sheet that students then have to color the word to match their magnets.  Again, these pages are in my Journeys Word Work Units on TPT.

Linking words

 I used letter cards and learning links.  I used the learning links from a teacher supply catalog.  I then just laminated my letter cards and put hole punches on the side of them so students can link them together.  I color code each of my units in our reading series so that I just put the words that they been introduced to.  I put all the words from that unit on a card so they can refer to it when they are building their words. It's another favorite of my students! 

Here are some of our favorite videos that we are singing and dancing to right now!!!

Hope you enjoy! Have a great day!

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  1. thank you for this wonderful idea. it helps me a lot in doing and analyzing my instructional materials . im glad i fond this site . thank you