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Thursday, March 28, 2013

April Calendar and a FREEBIE!

So I finally got my April calendar book done!  If you are follower who uses these they are in my TPT store.  Here are a couple of new pages from my calendar book.  I did add the Spanish words to the days of the week page.
Click April Calendar Book to go to my TPT store and get your calendar book. Change you calendar time into fun time!  If you don't have binders to keep them in you could use 3 prong folders. It will transform your calendar time.
We are going to add a little place value into calendar time.  We are going to write the tens and ones and then draw them in the big box.  I'm excited to do this with them. 

Here is our Daily Domino page.  I did make an addition and a subtraction page.  We are going to do the addition page and then do subtraction problem with the double dice.  But choose which ones fits your kids needs best. :)

We enjoyed doing write the date last month so we are going to continue it.  The kids really started to catch on to the process of writing the date.  They are getting better everyday.  So I felt that it would be good to practice again.
 Here is the Daily Double Dice Roll.  We are going to do it with subtraction.  If you wanted to make it addition just add an extra line to the make it a plus sign before you copy it.

Here is an example of the problem of the day.  I work hard to create these so they are different everyday.  There are a few that I have repeated from last month because my kids need more practice with them. There is a mix of number writing, addition, shapes, subtraction, and story problems. 

Of course here are our 10 frames.  My kids really like these too.
And now for your FREEBIE! 
During calendar we use our 100 chart and do a random number search everyday.  I have the helper of the day pick a specific color crayon to use.  Then he/she picks a card out of a little bag.  The helper tells everyone the number and then they repeat it.  We talk about how many tens and how many ones.  Then we talk about where it is on the 100 chart.   We find it and color it in on the chart.  We do this for 5 numbers a day.  It's amazing how much it has helped even my lowest students with number recognition. 
I made new number cards to use.  Mine we ones I made quick with notecards and a marker. 
Here are the number cards. Use them as you wish.  The are bright fun colors for spring. 
 It's my little Easter gift to you!
Happy Easter!
Have a wonderful holiday break and enjoy time with your family!