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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Subtraction

I'm so excited about this unit!  We are going to start subtraction in two weeks and I think these activities are going to be perfect for my kiddos.  It will help them understand that concept that subtraction is taking away!  I just uploaded it to my store so stop by and grab a copy.

The subtraction wheels are a great center activity.  You will need 8 clothespins.  Write one number 1-8 on each clothespins. Subtract the pictures from the number in the middle and put the correct clothespin to make the answer on each.  You use dry eraser makers to cross off each one to help them find the answer. 

 Subtraction Story problems.  The students draw the picture to solve the story problem.  I included a number line so the students can check their answer using it.  Then students write their equation in the bottom square.  5 of these are included.
These might be my favorite.  Students take each card and write the equation to go with it.  The count all the objects to get the first number then the ones with an x to get the second number.  Then the students count the ones without an x to get the answer.  A fun way to practice subtraction. There are two different ways to record their equations.  There is a recording sheets with all the answers to make checking it quick and easy for you.

Students cross off the second number to find the answer.  There are two pages. 
 The second one is harder and starts with larger numbers. 
And here is a Subtraction Freebie  for you!
Thanks for being a follower!  I'm still working on learning how to do all this blogging and everything. 
Here is a link to my TPT store to buy your own copy of my subtraction unit today.

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