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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How to make a shower curtain keyboard and play Swat!

Are you in need of a NEW FUN literacy center? 
 A new way to practice spelling words or sight words? 
I have a fun new way to have fun while practicing spelling. 
Here is a step by step way of making a shower curtain keyboard or two! 
You will need four things:
1.plain shower curtain thick permanent marker
3. Kleenex box for tracing
4. Fly Swatter
Just get a plain colored shower curtain.  I just grabbed one from Dollar General for a couple of bucks.  Lay it out and cut it in half horizontally.  You can actually make two keyboards out of one curtain.  I cut the end off where the magnets are so they weren't in the way.  Next lay it out on a flat surface. Lay the Kleenex box down on the shower curtain and trace around it.  10 boxes on the top row, 9 in the middle and 7 on the bottom.  I added an ENTER button on the bottom by tracing a bigger square the size of two boxes.  A little tip start tracing on the bottom of the box and go slow around the corners. 

First row done.
A close up of the tracing.
 Here it is without the letters. Just look at any keyboard on the computer
and write in the letters in the correct order.

 Here is the finished product. 
Now grab a couple of fly swatters.
 They have cute flower shaped ones at the dollar store this time of year.
 Here is my daughter playing on it! I was just telling her letters and she had fun slapping them.

I created these bug cards.  The kids will pick a card and slap the letters to make the word
Click here to get your bug cards.

 I made letter cards for the beginning of the year.
 I also have all the Dolch Pre-primer words in the FREEBIE!
There is also a page of blank cards.


 I make them push enter at the end.  You can put two next to each other and put kids on teams and turn into a race.  It's super fun!  They will love it!


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